Albany Still Not Listening

It’s been about four months since the sweeping Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Law (HSTPL) was passed by the New York state legislature and signed by the governor.

Now that sufficient time has passed to fairly judge its impact, we can pointedly highlight several of the shortcomings in the law and earnestly encourage everyone who lives in a co-operative building to closely consider the effect the law is beginning to have on their financial stability and way of life.  Read more, as published in the Riverdale Press.

Because of the serious financial upheaval that the HSTPL has foisted upon co-ops and their individual shareholders, the Association of Riverdale Cooperatives & Condominiums has taken the extraordinary step of coordinating a petition effort to bring the urgent need to revise or amend the law to the attention of New York State lawmakers .  A copy of the petition can be found here.

While the primary thrust of ARC’s initiative is to show the unified dissatisfaction with the law among co-op boards acting in the name of the buildings they represent,  shareholders and other concerned individuals are welcome to join the effort by signing the petition and ensuring that it arrives in the hands of the Governor and their other elected representatives in Albany before the legislative session begins in January 2020.

The full, original text of the law can be found here.

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