Recognizing the urgent need for tangible support of the concept of “renewal” as we all struggle to drag ourselves out of the misery and pain of the past two years that the coronavirus has inflected upon us, the leadership of the Association of Riverdale Cooperatives and Condominiums (ARC) embraced the concept and decided to offer grant monies to its member buildings throughout the Northwest Bronx for projects that would enhance our buildings and by extension, our neighborhood in general.


The ARC Board of Directors thoroughly reviewed the grant applications and necessarily needed to make some very difficult decisions. The result is that ARC is proud to have been able to award mini-grants ranging from $500.00 to $2,000.00 to many of our local co-ops and condos. Each of the buildings submitted requests for projects that included enhanced landscaping, new light posts, tree guards, tree trimming, new planters, erection of a flag pole, seasonal plantings by children and seniors, developing a partnership with the Botanical Gardens, the restoration of classic front doors, installation of playground equipment, new shrubbery, etc.   ARC is proud of all of its members and congratulates them for their diligence in submitting well thought-out and creative applications and sincerely regrets that, owing to financial limitations, all requests could not have been met.


As the result of this innovative program, our entire community can look forward to a more beautiful environment this spring, especially as we pass by the following buildings, each an ARC Mini-Grant recipient:

750 Kappock Street; 2727 Palisade Avenue; 3001 Henry Hudson Parkway; 3400 Wayne Avenue; 4525 Henry Hudson Parkway; 2621 Palisade Avenue; 3850 Sedgwick Avenue; 609 Kappock Street; 325 East 201 Street; 474 West 238 Street; 3901 Independence Avenue; 3215 Arlington Avenue; and, 629 Kappock Street.