More than three years ago the leadership of the Association of Riverdale Cooperatives & Condominiums visited with the Vice President of Con Edison and his leadership team to present the innovative idea of bringing substantial natural gas supplies to Riverdale.  Many of the co-ops & condos in our neighborhood were beginning to consider alternative heating fuels and natural gas could be a very fine alternative, were it available in quantity.  It was not, at that time.

ARC continued the conversation with Con Edison and about a year later, bringing natural gas to Riverdale was on the table, but the costs involved for any individual building were exhaustive and prohibitive.  ARC introduced the idea of grouping (later known as “clustering”) neighboring buildings to receive distribution lines in the plan so that each would not need to bear the full cost of digging and running the required piping through the streets.  ARC continued to lobby against charging individual buildings the full cost of bringing lines in from the main sources (which was at the time the operative plan).

On several occasions, ARC presented representatives of Con Edison (and others) to its membership to present the details involved in conversion to gas heating, and for the past several years, ARC continued to supply information both at our seminars and on its website to assist Boards and managers as they considered the conversion plans that became available.

While it is certain that the efforts of many groups and individuals combined to make the availability of natural gas in our area a reality, and it is certainly not our intention to gloat,  it is nevertheless with considerable pride that we have read the newly posted notices in our neighborhood, and note that our efforts to serve our community have been realized.

By now most of us have seen the announcement from Con Edison attached below for your convenience:








Work Notice

Monday, November 18, 2013

Con Edison is installing a new gas main to improve service in your area. Work is already underway and will continue through mid-February. The excavation will impact on-street parking, and in some areas we may need to close streets to vehicular traffic to expedite this work. Excavated areas will be covered by road plates at the end of each shift, and the full width of the roadway will be open to vehicles and pedestrians. We will maintain storage areas along our route during this project.

Work hours are weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Work will be performed in segments to minimize traffic disruptions. When work is completed on one segment, the road will be permanently restored before moving to the next segment.

Work Areas:

Knolls Crescent, Arlington Avenue, West 227th Street, Henry Hudson Parkway

Palisade Avenue and Kappock Street

Johnson Avenue and Kappock Street

Independence Avenue between West 227th and West 230th Streets

Douglas Avenue and West 236th Street

Henry Hudson Parkway between West 235th and Johnson Avenue

Netherland Avenue between West 236th Street and Henry Hudson Parkway

West 238th Street between Johnson and Riverdale Avenues

West 238th Street between Riverdale and Waldo Avenues


We apologize for any inconvenience.

For more information, call Public Affairs at 1-914-925-6315 or e-mail Evelyn Oliver at