COVID-19 and New Building Protocols for Co-ops & Condos

As we slowly begin to recover from the COVID-19 menace, boards of directors are faced with the challenge of remodeling the way that residents enjoy their buildings.

We are grateful to the law firm of Armstrong Teasdale for putting together an excellent set of guidelines that boards can use, at their discretion, in order to model new building protocols.

The Armstrong Teasdale publication begins, “As New York begins to transition from a nearly complete lockdown to less stringent rules, each condominium and cooperative Board should consider compiling protocols to preserve good health and order in their buildings”. 

“Under all circumstances, Boards should comply with law and any Executive Orders in place”.

“But, every Board should recognize that even if governmental agencies allow certain activities to resume, the Board does not have to allow the activity immediately. Each Board must take the actions they believe best serve their residents within their authority as a Board”.

You can read the entire, comprehensive set of recommended protocols here.

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