NYC buildings over 50,000 square feet have until December 31st 2018 to submit 2017’s energy and water consumption. Buildings over 25,000 square feet have until February 1, 2019, to do the same. However, after this year, all buildings over 25,000 square feet will need to comply by May 1st each year.

(Benchmarking submissions are based on the energy and water use for the previous year).

Proper benchmarking of your building is more important than ever before because starting in 2020, Local Law 33 will require owners of all buildings over 25,000 square feet to post their energy grade at public entrances. Grades will range from A-F and will be based on your benchmarking score, and therefore, it is critical to properly report usage.

If you haven’t already done so, now may be the time to make simple heatingair sealing and lighting upgrades that can boost your grade, improve building performance, lower operating costs, and enhance tenant comfort.

You can get the information you need about Local Law 84 and Benchmarking at Local Law 84 (Benchmarking)

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator offers free, personalized advisory services that streamline the process of making energy efficiency improvements to your building that will reduce operating costs, enhance tenant comfort, and improve our environment.

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