Living in a City as grand as our own, one is often faced with issues that are vast in scope and can at times appear to lose sight of the particular needs and interests of the citizenry it is empowered to serve.  Riverdale, and undoubtedly a few other neighborhoods in the City like it, are currently faced with local legislative action that may have great impact on the quality and character of those neighborhoods.  In addition, residential communities are continually faced with the onslaught of unwanted commercial development that also inevitably diminish the personality and stability of the areas.

An important change is being considered on at least one site in Riverdale; and that that change, if it occurs may simply be a harbinger of similar, undesirable changes to come.

The Association of Riverdale Cooperatives & Condominiums joins all of the residents of our community in expressing its concern about unrestrained and unwanted development that has the possibility of altering the way of life that has become so representative of our neighborhood, a way of life that has specifically attracted us to the area and contributed to its permanency for decades.

Read more here about the details of the prospective development, and to learn how several of our neighbors think about the proposals.