The property tax abatement provision for co-ops and condos is now law.  It is probably wise to review the complete text of the legislation, which contains a number of important provisions that Boards and managers should be aware of in regard to the abatement, and also in regard to other real property issues that are also covered in the same legislation.  The text is located on the web at:

You will note that among the issues delineated in bill is the stipulation that the property tax abatement may be applied only to those properties that serve as the primary residence.

Registration in the S.T.A.R. program may be used as a means of determining eligibility, and while only individuals may register, it may be prudent to alert the shareholders in your building.

The registration form for S.T.A.R. and other exemptions can be found here: Owners Exempt Application

Additional information has been made available from the City of New York:  Cooperative and Condominium Tax Abatement